Terms & Conditions

Our volunteers at PhoneFlare pay costs out of pocket and do our very best to maintain consistent, error-free service. We are in no way responsible for outages, errors, database inaccuracies, or failures/negligence of any kind. We truly hope this tool can be of help but we do not guarantee your safety or the functioning of our app/servers. We are likewise not responsible for the accuracy or efficacy of campus/community dispatch information, and encourage students to verify this data before use and inquire with these departments themselves. These centers we attempt to contact on your behalf are not necessarily involved with PhoneFlare in any official capacity and may have differing policies on how to handle automated emergency tips. Our volunteers produce free accessories to promote safe use of the app and are in no way responsible for any malfunctions or damages that may arise from their use. Anonymous error reporting is shared with our developers to improve stability. Anonymous emergency location data may be used to compile beneficial statistics. By using PhoneFlare you agree to these Terms of Use including but not limited to these legal protections for our volunteers mentioned above. Privacy Policy