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a campus safety app that keeps you and your community protected


How PhoneFlare can help your safety

PhoneFlare shares your GPS location during emergencies

Non-Profit. Volunteer Driven. Open Source.

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Campus Safety App

PhoneFlare is a safety app that sends a student's GPS location to emergency contacts and authorities. In addition to location information, PhoneFlare can record audio and log other bluetooth devices in the area. Emergencies are activated by not making a preset check-in time or by pulling out headphones / shaking the phone after arming your device. Arming is done within the app and gives users a small window to disarm if triggered in error.

501(c)3 Non-Profit

PhoneFlare provides all services to students at no cost, made possible by our generous backers. Through speaking with victims of sexual assault and rigorous testing on various college campuses across the country, PhoneFlare devised tools for women aimed at deterring sexual assault, decreasing campus dispatch response time and making crimes easier to prosecute. Check out our FAQ Page for more information.