Privacy Policy

Account Information including but not limited to passwords, emails and phone numbers for contacts are kept secure through encryption and while the app is open-source, these databases are not made available to developers and are not accessed unless requested by the user. Preferences, audio recordings and bluetooth logs are never relayed through a server due to legal reasons, and are only stored on the device itself. We can provide methods on how you can retrieve this data. Completely anonymous error reporting that includes no personal or account data of any kind is collected from the app to help diagnose bugs and potential issues. These reports only contain error messages from the console, stack traces and software version. We plan to compile geographic statistics on emergencies, but this data will remain anonymous and will not be profited from. By registering for PhoneFlare, you agree to be added to our mailing list (which is easy to unsubscribe from) and all of our Terms & Conditions for Use